sTATE House Representative District 54

Voters of District 54,

I am running to be your State Representative because I have prepared myself to serve in the legislature since I was in college. My first job after obtaining my law degree was on the legal staff of the Tennessee Legislature.

I am the only candidate for State House District 54 who can begin working to serve you, right after I’m sworn in!!!   

My mother raised nine children as a single parent and she taught us the value of education, commitment to community and hard work. The most important lesson my mother, Elizabeth, taught me was "Love your neighbor as yourself." My father was a United Automotive Worker for General Motors and supported worker’s rights, as I have as an attorney. 

Working class families are facing economic disparities in their daily lives, particularly in healthcare, housing, education and living wages. I will work for better pay for our teachers, expand Medicaid, put an end to state efforts to privatize public jobs and fix our crumbling infrastructure. 

We are in a state of emergency and the legislature has not only a political obligation but a moral obligation to address these problems head on with strong leadership. 

I humbly ask for your vote and support on August 2nd. 

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See you at the polls August 2!


The Power of Education!

I will propose to create a system that will encourage teachers to use best practices with proven solutions to meet each child’s specific needs for maximum potential within the school system. As a product of the public-school system and parent of three daughters to graduate from high school with honors, I know and understand that all children don’t learn the same. 


Fighting for freedom!

I want to keep our state and nation strong! I have been fighting for the working family for over 30 years as an attorney, by making sure victims get what they are entitled. I have used my talents and skills to pave the way for others by raising scholarship money for students at Tennessee State University as a Foundation Board Member, for the last 10 years.   

As a young college student, I enlisted in the Tennessee National Guard because I wanted to protect and serve my country. Now, is the time to put the experience of a retired military veteran and attorney in the legislature to work for you.

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